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featscomp: compute DevMine features

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featscomp computes 'features', as defined by the DevMine project and inserts them into the database.


To install featscomp, run this command in a terminal, assuming Go is installed:

go get

Or you can download a binary for your platform from the DevMine project's downloads page.

You also need to setup a PostgreSQL database. Look at the README file in the db sub-folder for details.

Usage and configuration

Copy featscomp.conf.sample to featscomp.conf and edit it according to you needs. It has two sections, one to configure access to the database, the other to specify which feature you would like to compute:

  • database: allows you to configure access to your PostgreSQL database.
    • hostname: hostname of the machine.
    • port: PostgreSQL port.
    • username: PostgreSQL user that has access to the database.
    • password: password of the database user.
    • dbname: database name.
    • ssl_mode: takes any of these 4 values: "disable", "require", "verify-ca", "verify-null". Refer to PostgreSQL documentation for details.
  • features: allows you to specify which feature to compute.

Once configuring is done, simply run featscomp and give it a configuration file as argument:

featscomp featscomp.conf