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Code Review Checklist

Code Review is the time to catch issues and provide intervention for students who don't understand the concepts from the week. The length of Code Review will vary from group to group, and may take between 90-120 minutes. With sufficiently advanced students, push them like they would be pushed in a Technical Interview. Follow this outline for a successful group code review.

Ideally, Code Review will take place in groups around a TV or projector screen. You will guide the discussion as each student presents code from their project.

Check Projects

Review the following points with each student in the group:

  1. All projects are pushed to Github with detailed commit messages.
  2. Each project is complete and functioning.
  3. There are no exceptions or warnings.
  4. Classes, properties, and methods follow proper naming conventions and style.
  5. Code is written by the student, not copied and pasted from solution branches.

Review Objectives

  1. Work with the student to determine a rating (1-3) on each objective from the week. Ask specific questions for each objective to determine understanding. Ask to see examples of each objective in the projects as evidence of understanding.
Rating Scale:

1 - Does not understand
2 - Understands with assistance (mentor, documentation, sample code)
3 - Understands independently
  1. If the student is rated at 2 or lower, work with him or her on the objective. Invite other students in the group to give feedback. Provide extra practice so they can get to a 3 in future code reviews. As needed, reteach and provide resources or practice on poor objectives.

  2. Report the scores for each objective using the iOS Student Success Tracker. If you do not have access, contact your Lead Instructor.

Check Capstone Progress

Discuss the Capstone Progress. In early weeks of class, discuss ideas, frameworks, and user tests to help the student firmly decide on a project. Once projects have begun, do the following:

  1. Review the App Canvas
  2. Discuss progress and update the tracker
  3. Identify the biggest challenges blocking progress
  4. Pair program on the big challenge
  5. Give a specific challenge to the student to keep making progress

Set Goals

  1. Set goals for the student. Focus on student deficiencies first, then black diamond or advanced work.
  2. If working on team or capstone projects, review architecture, design, and progress on the project.
  3. Give them specific work to do before the next Code Review.

Update Student Success Tracker

Update scores in the Tracker. Please consider the following in your scores:

  1. Attendance in class
  2. Communication with you
  3. Ability working with frameworks taught prior to this week
  4. Ability working with frameworks taught this week

Include any feedback or notes that will guide intervention (help) for the student.

Address Any Needs

If there are any specific needs or concerns with the student, contact your lead instructor.


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