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Looking for Ethics in All The Right Places

  • Code Like You Give a Damn

  • Work Like You Give a Damn

  • Finding an ethical job.

  • What industries are ethical?

    • Defined by the business model
    • Defined by the source.
    • Define value-add vs. value-removed.
    • Use Maslow's pyramid.
    • Look at markup of creators vs consumers. How much does the middle capture?
    • Leakage: MPAA takes all the money, gives none to artists. Same w/ food processors. Helpers end up owning the joint Why? Reductionism: genius is hard to measure, and harder to reproduce Intermediaries become the point Proxy metrics instead of real metrics Industries
  • Include industry size

  • Include markup between consumer and original creator. • Law • Medicine

    • Realtors • Any cottage industries • Education § § Email Daniel Strauss when I do

Easy ML, Big Data

  • Social networking
  • Spam filtering

Easy ML, Small Data

  • Academia
  • Some governmental work

Hard ML, Big Data

  • Online ads
  • Search
  • Genomics
  • Finance
  • Astrophysics
  • Chemical engineering
  • Genomics

Hard ML, Small Data

  • Insurance risk
  • Finance
  • Climate Change


  • Cancer gene sequencing effort struggles through waves of false IDs | Ars Te
  • A 49,000-CPU supercomputer may have figured out how to stop HIV. Badass. bi
  • Support real work, and disrupt everything else

    Work-Life Balance: List the good and bad things, and why • How to make good things easier • How to make bad things lesser • Tea - a good thing • Banks - a bad thing

    **Engineers and Personal Finance

    • Time
    • Sacrifice

    Bad ethics + privilege = intense dislike. Contempt. More control/influence = more dislike

    tikkun olam

    • Cost vs. benefit
      • Matrix prioritization
      • Are you willing to take a pay cut for a better job? What if it was $1 less? How about $10? How about $100? How about $1000? It's a matter of degree; how important the issue is for you, and what you're willing to give up.
        • Most people aren't brave.
        • Or they don't realize they can still live comfortably doing good work. We keep thinking of broke-ass nonprofits. Those exist too.

    You. Smart People. Women. If you're reading this, then you're ___% likely to be male (Bayesian math given software engineers and gender bias in the industry).

    They are more than half our education population now (CHECKME). Studies (LINK) show they care less about the solution or the specific problem and more about what they're solving (note on gender stereotyping).

    ○ We are more effective by empowering people rather than just being awesome ○ People are non-deterministic. We accumulate joy and sorrow, frustration. Latency is important. The trick is identifying it early

    Help people find work who are ethical. Help them network. People will be more ethical if they don't fear for their livelihood and their family's.