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Reject the premise of an argument

  • Context is king
  • Underlying assumption
  • Tone, message.


Funny pictures and quotes. Math equations. Drafts Check spelling. Read out loud. Edit down. Remove all big words. Images - Only use active verbs. - Make a blog post checklist § Has it been revised? § Has it been spell checked? § Has it been checked for grammar errors? § If it talks about a feature or example, did you mention the SQL version you're using? § Check against grammar and style books □ Strunk and white has impeccable style - "Write until you're absolutely in love with the work"

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  • 8 Conversational Habits That Kill Credibility |
  • Blog meta Who is my audience? DBAs who want to have a better relationship with their developers Developers who want to have a better relationship with their DBAs A DBA with 2+ years of experience, 1 or more dev teams to support, and friction A developer (DBE or not) with 1+ year of SQL Server development experience, who has a hard time working with their DBA(s). Write down one concept a minute for twenty minutes Then take each concept and write something about each for two minutes. Write two sentences about each. If you can't write two sentences, delete it. If it’s particularly juice, note that and move on. Minimum length - go for as long as you can. This increases the chances that someone big will link to it, and your traffic will explode Use SnagIt for screen capture Look over Google Analytics to figure out how to improve blog posts Why did post A get 50% more hits than post B? - What caused me the biggest pain? § This will always create new topics - Blog your life, challenges and improvements § Tactics I use to get through the day - Often limited to 1/2 to 2 pages - Blog posts: fairly condensed, deals with a specific topic, and it is transitory - Why do we write? § It helps us become a better researcher § It helps us learn § If we write properly, it helps us organize our thoughts - How often should I write? § 1-2 times a week is a good starting point