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  • Obama DOJ's New Abuse of State-Secrets Privilege Revealed - The Intercept
  • Report: NSA bulk metadata collection has “no discernible impact” | Ars Tech
  • NSA uses covert radio transmissions to monitor thousands of bugged computer
  • What tear gas taught me about Twitter and the NSA Medium
  • Has the NSA Been Using the Heartbleed Bug as an Internet Peephole? | Threat
  • It's not just the NSA. The real boom is private citizens monitoring everyth
  • “Top secret” document suggests NSA sees your smartphone as “magical” source
  • How the #NSA Almost Killed the Internet | Threat Level |
  • If you needed proof that NSA loyalists like @RepMikeRogers would criminalis
  • The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program The Intercept
  • The executive order that led to mass spying, as told by NSA alumni | Ars Te
  • Report: FDA Documents Show Decade of Unsuccessful Attempts to Control Farm
  • Six years and $300M later, the Social Security Administration hits "reset."
  • Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Rebuilding the National Weather Service
  • Former State Dept official warns mass spying via Executive Order 12333 "vio
  • Senator introduces bill to regulate data caps | Ars Technica
  • Judge rules TSA no-fly procedures unconstitutional - Boing Boing
  • "The gains from being born into a county affected by the 1970 Clean Air Act
  • Documents show GCHQ manipulating online information like Web polls and traf
  • After Years in Solitary, an Austere Life as Uruguay’s President - NYTimes.c
  • Is North Korea Right About U.S. Human-Rights Abuses? - Matt Ford - The Atla
  • Tech Policy

    18F, Efficient Government

    Benefits, Entitlements

    Immigration, ICE

  • Tech companies cheer for Senate proposal to increase immigration | Ars Tech
  • Other Countries


  • "Transit agencies across the state face a fiscal cliff, some have already g
  • At 100, state parks in grim state of disrepair | Local News | The Seattle T
  • Coal Ash Spill Shows How a Watchdog Was Defanged -
  • Bill would ban muni broadband if one home in census tract gets 1.5Mbps | Ar
  • Dozens of Washington pensioners may be overpaid
  • Pay for performance coming to Washington social services? | Opinion Northwe
  • Using smarts, we can defeat homelessness | Local News | The Seattle Times
  • City/County

  • Frustrated Cities Take High-Speed Internet Into Their Own Hands : All Tech
  • "Tax[ing] the heck out of parking": the obvious winning modal shift strateg
  • Public Transit, Transportation

  • Public transit times in major cities
  • Increasing numbers of Americans ride public transit | Nation & World | The
  • Is the Super Bowl really a boost to host cities? | : Neil
  • Politics, Voting, and Taxes

  • Debate Pivots: How Politicians Get Away With Dodging The Question : NPR
  • Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill
  • The Spectacular Myth of Obama's Part-Time America—in 5 Graphs - Derek Thomp
  • State of the Union address decreasing reading level
  • Robert Scheer: If Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You? - Robert Sc
  • Warrantless wiretaps? Congress votes yes | Ars Technica
  • …
  • Bitcoin *continues* to teach Libertarians about the power of natural monopo
  • If the United States is an aristocracy/oligarchy, then its citizens do not owe their country any loyalty. A government that does not represent its citizens (not a democracy) cannot expect the loyalty of its citizens.

    Trump Administration