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Code to create a personal wiki
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Code to create a personal wiki based on MDwiki


Download and Setup MDwiki

Let's assume you're using OS X, Dropbox to sync your files, and your username is YourUserNameHere.

Make a directory, 'personalwiki'

Make a folder, personalwiki, under your root Dropbox folder:

mkdir -p /Users/YourUserNameHere/Dropbox/personalwiki

Set up the mdwiki base site

  • Download the zip file from the releases page
  • Copy the zip file and its mdwiki.html file to the personalwiki directory
  • Rename mdwiki.html to index.html

Install and Configure Nginx

I'm going to assume you're using Homebrew

brew install nginx
sudo nginx
cd /usr/local/etc/nginx/

Navigate to http://localhost:8080/ to confirm that it's working.

Secure Nginx

  • Make an Nginx config file (nginx.conf) that limits access to localhost. Use my configuration file if you'd like.
  • Copy the nginx config file to /usr/local/etc/nginx . Make sure it's named nginx.conf

Auto-Start Nginx

To have launchd start nginx now and restart at login:

brew services start nginx



Once you have MDwiki and Nginx installed, you need to set up your site! I made a basic configuration using 3 files:

  1. - The home page for my site. My version is quite sparse, using HTML tables + links extensively.
  2. - What would a navigation menu have in it? Put it in here. I made menu links for my pages about Health, Music, Work, People, Living, and Career.
  3. config.json - defines a title, enables side menus, and sets an anchor character.

There are useful resources on configuring MDwiki available on its Quickstart page

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