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DevOpsGirls Bootcamp!

DevOps Girls

In this repository are the slides and content for DevOpsGirls Bootcamp modules.


DevOpsGirls Bootcamp is composed of three primary modules with an additional modules available for those looking to take on a bit more.

1.) What are EC2 instances?

2.) What is an ELB?

3.) How do I automate this with Auto Scaling Groups?

Each of the modules represents a continuing improvement on a blog website - a blog that you can login to, and post things in. With each module, we're making the blog more automated, more resilient, and more durable to issues.

If you run into anything, just give your coaches a shout - we'll be happy to help you.

Good luck!

I want to contribute to DevOps Girls. How can I help?

The modules are free for anyone to use - and if you want to create your own and add it to the repository, feel free to check out our contribution guidelines