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Plugin for customizing WordPress admin pages.
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DP Dashboard

DP Dashboard is a plugin developed by Tung Do for customizing the WordPress admin pages. It is no longer maintained by DevPress, but we wanted to post the code to GitHub in case others would like to modify of build on top of it.


Transform your WordPress control panel by simplifying the admin user interface. Give it a softer, more modern look with improved typography, structure, and consistency. DP Dashboard aims to make your experience enjoyable, clutter-free, and more productive.


Edit screen.

Posts screen.

Menu admin.

Reasons to Use DP Dashboard

White Label Experience

DP Dashboard strips most of the WordPress branding you typically see in the admin bar, menu, footer, and other places where the WordPress logo is displayed, convenient for when you want to give clients a personalized experience.


Unlike the work on default admin, DP Dashboard doesn’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s conceptualized, designed, and managed by one person. This gives you a consistent experience from beginning to end.

Simplified Publishing

Publishing should be simple and it is with DP Dashboard. Post scheduling and other extra options are hidden from the main writing screen. Those options are still available on a different page if you need them.

Stays Up to Date

Using DP Dashboard does not mean sacrificing future WordPress versions and features. You’re not locked into one WordPress version forever, DP Dashboard actually recommends keeping your WordPress install up to date.


It supports users on 1024 resolutions and up. You can comfortably work on your site on-the-go with your iPad or tablet landscape view without sacrificing any feature. However, small phone resolutions aren’t supported.

Sticky Shortcut Menu

WordPress allows dragging and re-ordering meta boxes, but too many boxes is a common problem. The DP Dashboard sticky menu is always by your side and takes you directly to the box you want to use in no time.

Widget Tabs

DP Dashboard condenses the Available, Inactive, and Inactive Sidebar areas into tabs, cutting down the length of the Widgets page so you don’t have to scroll so much when trying to find and add widgets to sidebars.

Wider Menus Management

DP Dashboard Menus management page is designed to give you more space for editing menu items and makes the parent-to-child menu items relationship less confusing. And oh, it’s much more pleasing to your eyes!

Right-to-Left (RTL) Support

Right-to-left languages are supported 100%. There’s nothing to sacrifice. DP Dashboard is tested many times in left-to-right and right-to-left conditions/scenarios.

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