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PowerBIPS.Tools Module


This module is a collection of very useful tools for Power BI. For example: - Export PBI Desktop into CSV/SQL - Convert from PBI Desktop into AS Tabular - Get a dataset schema from a Power BI Desktop file (to create a REST DataSet)

Available on PowerShell Gallery:

Install from PowerShell Gallery

Install-Module -Name PowerBIPS.Tools
# Or without admin priviledge:
Install-Module -Name PowerBIPS.Tools -Scope CurrentUser

Sample Script - Convert PBIX to AS Tabular

Convert-PowerBIDesktopToASTabular -pbiDesktopWindowName "*VanArsdel - Sales*" -outputPath "$currentPath\SSAS"

Sample Script - Export PBI Desktop to SQL Server or CSV

# Export to SQL Server
Export-PBIDesktopToSQL -pbiDesktopWindowName "*PowerBIETLSample*" -sqlConnStr "Data Source=.\sql2017; Initial Catalog=Dummy; Integrated Security=true" -sqlSchema "stg"

# Export to CSV Files
Export-PBIDesktopToCSV -pbiDesktopWindowName "*PowerBIETLSample*" -outputPath ".\outputFolder"

Sample Script - Create a REST API DataSet using Power BI Desktop

$dataSetSchema = Get-PBIDataSetFromPBIDesktop -datasetName $datasetName -pbiDesktopWindowName "*RealTime*"

$dataSetSchema = New-PBIDataSet -authToken $authToken -dataSet $dataSetSchema -ignoreIfDataSetExists

Sample Script - Create a PushDataset from Power BI Desktop

# Get a PBIDataSet schema from PBIDesktop
$dataSet = Get-PBIDataSetFromPBIDesktop -pbiDesktopWindowName "*PBI Window*" -datasetName "PushDataSet"

# Create the REST API dataset on
$dataSet = New-PBIDataSet -dataSet $dataSet -groupId "workspace Id"

PowerBIPS.Tools Cmdlets


Convert from a Power BI Desktop into AS Tabular Project


Get's a PowerBI Dataset Schema from Power BI Desktop to create a Push DataSet


Exports the tables from a Power BI Desktop model into CSV files


Exports the tables from a Power BI Desktop model into a SQL Server Database (automatically creates the tables)


Discover the TCP Port of the Analysis Services instance on Power BI Desktop

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