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Multilingual Translation

This codebase was used for the multilingual translation experiments for the paper "Parameter Sharing Methods for Multilingual Self-Attentional Translation Models, WMT-EMNLP 2018".

The multilingual model is based on the Transformer model and also contains the following features:

  • positional encoding
  • multi-head dot-product attention
  • label smoothing
  • warm-up steps based training of Adam optimizer
  • shared weights of the embedding and softmax layers
  • beam search with length normalization
  • exponential moving average checkpoint of parameters


One can install the required packages from the requirements file.

pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Download the TED talks dataset as:

This command will download, decompress, and will save the train, dev, and test splits of the TED talks under data directory.

  • One can use the script to specify language pairs for both bilingual/multilingual translation tasks.
  • For bilingual/multilingual translation, just specify the source and target languages as
python -s ja en zh fr ro -t en zh fr ro ja
  • For multilingual translation, by default the training data will consist of the cartesian product of all the source and target language pairs.
  • If all possible combinations of the language pairs are not needed, then just use the option of -ncp
python -s ja en zh fr ro -t en zh fr ro ja -ncp
  • Above command will only create training data for the corresponding language pairs, i.e. [(ja, en), (en, zh), (zh, fr), (fr, ro), (fr, ja)]
  • For evaluating the multiingual model, one can generate the test set for each bilingual pair using the above command.


For convenience, there are some example shell scripts under tools directory

  • Bilingual Translation (NS)
bash tools/ src_lang tgt_lang
  • Fully Shared Multilingual Translation (FS)
bash tools/ src_lang tgt_lang1 tgt_lang2 
  • Partial Sharing Multilingual Translation (PS)
bash tools/ src_lang tgt_lang1 tgt_lang2 share_sublayer share_attn

An example of sharing the Key(k), Query(q) in both the attention layers (Self, Source)

bash tools/ src_lang tgt_lang1 tgt_lang2 k,q self,source


  • Dataset Statistics
Dataset Train Dev Test
English-Vietnamese (IWSLT 2015) 133,317 1,553 1,268
English-German (TED talks) 167,888 4,148 4,491
English-Romanian (TED talks) 180,484 3,904 4,631
English-Dutch (TED talks) 183,767 4,459 5,006
  • Bilingual Translation Tasks
language pairs this repo tensor2tensor GNMT
En -> Vi (IWSLT 2015) 28.84 28.12 26.50
En -> De 29.31 28.68 27.01
En -> Ro 26.81 26.38 23.92
En -> Nl 32.42 31.74 30.64
De -> En 37.33 36.96 35.46
Ro -> En 37.00 35.45 34.77
Nl -> En 38.59 37.71 35.81
  • Multilingual Translation Tasks
Method En->De+Tr En->De+Ja En->Ro+Fr En->De+Nl
->De ->Tr ->De ->Ja ->Ro ->Fr ->De ->Nl
GNMT NS 27.01 16.07 27.01 16.62 24.38 40.50 27.01 30.64
GNMT FS 29.07 18.09 28.24 17.33 26.41 42.46 28.52 31.72
Transformer NS 29.31 18.62 29.31 17.92 26.81 42.95 29.31 32.43
Transformer FS 28.74 18.69 29.68 18.50 28.52 44.28 30.45 33.69
Transformer PS 30.71 19.67 30.48 19.00 27.58 43.84 30.70 34.05


If you find this code useful, please consider citing our paper as:

  author = 	"Sachan, Devendra
		and Neubig, Graham,
  title = 	"Parameter Sharing Methods for Multilingual Self-Attentional Translation Models",
  booktitle = 	"Proceedings of the Third Conference on Machine Translation",
  year = 	"2018",
  publisher = 	"Association for Computational Linguistics",
  location = 	"Brussels, Belgium"