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Simple weather and time sync script for FiveM servers.

Current version: 1.3.0 Author: Vespura Last update: 01-13-2018


  • Dynamic changing weather every 10 minutes (can be (temporarily or permanently) disabled. The weather will only change according to realistic patterns. Some types like snow, xmas, halloween and neutral have been disabled. This means that if the weather is currenlty one of those types, it won't be changed. It will also never change to those types.
  • Blackout. Enable/disable this in the config or using /blackout ingame.
  • Weather and Time synced across all players.
  • Custom permissions for the commands.


/weather <type> Change the weather type (will fade to the new weather type within 15 seconds). /freezeweather Enable/disable dynamic weather changes. /time <h> <m> Set the time. /freezetime Freeze/unfreeze time. /morning Set the time to morning. /noon Set the time to noon. /evening Set the time to evening. /night Set the time to night. /blackout Enable/disable blackout mode.