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πŸŒ„ A free Jekyll Theme developed by the DevTips Community
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Artists Theme

This site is being built on YouTube, one week at a time. See all the videos up to date here: How to build a professional website from start to finish

Subscribe to the channel to follow along as we develop this project step by step from the beginning.

How to install/use

In order to get this super fantastic Jekyll powered template for Artists follow this simple step:

  • If you haven't got ruby installed on your computer, install it.
  • Then run in your terminal $ gem install jekyll
  • Move/cd to a folder, always in your terminal, in which you want to insert the Artists-Theme
  • Run git clone
  • Then cd Artists-Theme
  • jekyll serve --watch
  • DONE

Isn't it fantastic?

Learn how to use Jekyll on windows (if that's your thing :)


Code contributions via pull request:

A big thank you to these creators for contributing sample projects for the "work" section:

The Design

Artist Themes in the wild:

This is a free Jekyll Theme that is currently being developed in weekly episodes on the DevTips YouTube channel.

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