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This project was developed for PICT for taking feedback of teachers from students

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JSP and MySQL based online system to record feedback of students of all departments of PICT along with Report generation and visualisation of feedback data
An application where students can give feedback used for semester assessment of teachers provided to the students. These facilities include the teaching mechanism, lab assistance, and services, cultural and sports activities conducted and library maintenance, etc. PICT feedback system will help make the feedback assessment much easier than previous along with providing an interactive interface for both client and server-side.
For more detail, Please refer the SRS Document


Our web application is able to provide the following services:

  1. Students will be able to give feedback more intuitively and surf through on their dashboard.
  2. At the time of data entry in the admin side, efficient and fast flow through to set up the system for feedback collection.
  3. The feedback report is generated which takes into account the number of students who have given that specific teacher.
  4. Admin can be edited/deleted as and when required very easily.
  5. Admin can also view the previous feedback recorded and generate reports of a teacher in those feedbacks.
  6. For more efficient setup entry through excel files is available which directly takes in the teachers and subjects that are to be inserted into the system.
  7. BE students elective can be separately mapped to specific teachers and their subjects.
  8. Question template feature for customizable question assignment to different teachers.
  9. Batch creation for lab provided for teacher allotment to various batches. 10.Feedback reports: The Feedback Reports will be made available on-screen with an export facility in PDF format. This facility is available only to admin to download.


  • Eclipse
  • Java 8
  • MySQL Server
  • Bootstrap/css/JQuery
  • Any Operating System
  • Any web browser on user side for accessing the internet

Getting Started

main folder : JSP Eclipse project
sql file : Mysql Database file
Just download the code, import in eclipse, create database in MySql and source from sql file.


This project was developed for PICT for taking feedback of teachers from students






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