7/14 recursion lecture notes
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  • Why do we care?
    • useful for working with recursive data structures (trees, like the DOM in html, linked lists, graphs)
    • useful for exploring all options when there are a LOT of options (e.g. generating all permutations of a string, finding a path through a maze)
    • useful for interviews
      • good tool for problem solving/algorithmic thinking
  • What is recursion?
    • simple idea: functions that call themselves (or two or more functions that call each other back and forth)
    • useful way to think of recursive problems:
      • what's the smaller equivalent problem?
        • if you had a magical oracle that could give you a solution to that smaller problem, how would you use the solution to get to a solution for the problem at hand?
      • what's the smallest problem of this type? (base case)
        • what's the solution in that case?
  • tail recursion
    • This typically means that the recursive function just calls itself once, at the end
    • sample problem: reverse a string
    • draw stack frame diagrams
  • branching recursion
    • multiple potential recursive calls each time through
    • sample problem: towers of hanoi
    • more stack frames
    • discuss efficiency
  • practice problems
    • permutations of characters
    • merge sort
    • in order, post order, pre order traversal of trees