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Node.js HTTP Server framework
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A restful api server that separates your business logic from the server gears so you can focus on coding stuff.

Basic Usage

var hapi = require('hapi');

//create a server with a host, port, and options
var server = new hapi.Server.Server('localhost', 8088, {name:'sample', uri:''});

//define the function that returns our value (could be external to this file)
function sampleGet(hapi, reply) {
    reply('hello world');

//add the route
    path : '/sample',
    method : 'GET',
    handler : sampleGet,
    authentication: 'none'

//start the server

Now navigate to http://localhost:8080/sample and you should receive 'hello world'


Configuration options

  • path - endpoint (see Director for endpoint matching patterns )
  • method - http method for routing endpoint
  • handler - Function to handle request
  • authentication - Type of authentication
  • tos - Terms of Service required for that request
  • query -
  • schema -
  • scope -
  • raw - if true then the request is passed raw to the handler (the request is the same as a Director request)


Wildcard declaration in routes are handled the same way as they are in Director or Express. Their retrieval on the handler is handled a little differently.

//when you add a route like this:
    path : '/luna/:album',
    method : 'GET',
    handler : albumRetrieve,
    authentication: 'none'

function albumRetrieve(hapi, reply) {
    //hapi.params will have the parameter


Each handler needs two parameters, usually named 'hapi' and 'reply'.

  • hapi - the first parameter. provides request information
  • reply - function to call that takes a json body as a response


hapi provides a few places where middleware can be added into the functions being called for each request. They are:

  • onPreRoute - gets called before the request is routed.
  • onPreHandler - gets called after the request has been routed before the assigned handler is called
  • onPostHandler - gets called after the request headers
  • onPostRoute - called after all the routes have been matched

Add them via the 'ext' portion of the options.

var server = new hapi.Server.Server('localhost', 8088, {name:'sample', uri:'', ext: {onPreRoute:myPreRouteFunction}});


hapi provides a myriad of util functions for your use

  • abort(message) - logs message to console and exits the process.
  • checkEmail(email) - checks for a valid email address
  • clone(obj) - clones an object or array
  • decrypt(key, value) - decrypts value with AES Symmetric encription
  • email(to, subject, text, html, callback) - sends an email to to with subject and content of text or html calling callback(err) when finished
  • encrypt(key, value) - encrypts value with AES Symmetric encryption
  • getTimeStamp() - gives a 'now' timestamp
  • getRandomString(size) - returns a random string of size
  • hide(object, definition) - removes hidden keys
  • map(array, key) - turns an array into an object
  • merge(target, source) - Merge all the properties of source into target; source wins in conflict
  • unique(array, key) - removes duplicates from an array
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