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What is IOS Boilerplate
-Is a code base for iOS projects. Current version provides
+Is a base template for iOS projects.
- - BaseViewController with methods for secure handling of async http requests
- - ImageManager: a class for downloading images asynchronously
- - FastCell (inspired on [Atebits implementation]( is a base class for implementing custom UITableViewCells with fast scrolling.
- - ListViewController: a base class for creating ViewControllers with one UITableView that can be refreshed with a pull-down component.
- - Place: a simple implementation of the MKAnnotation protocol
- - DictionaryHelper: an NSDictionary helper with methods for safe handling of collections
- - StringHelper: an NSString helper with methods for manipulating NSStrings. Including: trim, sha1 and urlEncode method.
- - DataHelper: an NSData helper with one method: hexString. It is used inside StringHelper to calculate the sha1 hash hexstring representation of a given string
-The project contains some examples with the use of those utility classes:
- - Example that fetches a JSON object through an async HTTP request, and shows a progress HUD.
- - Example that fetches a single image with ImageManager
- - Example that combines FastCells with async image loading using ImageManager.
- - Example of variable height table cells using FastCell.
- - Example that shows how to extend ListViewController to create a tableview with a simple pull-down-to-refresh component.
- - Example that shows how to implement a swipeable cell
- - ViewController that uses MapOverlays and the Google Maps API to show the directions between two points.
- - Search bar that autocompletes locations.
+Please, go to []( for more documentation and further information.
Some screenshots:
@@ -31,10 +13,3 @@ Some screenshots:
![Directions demo](
-IOS Boilerplate includes the following third-party software:
- - [ASIHTTPRequest](
- - [SVProgressHUD](
- - [JSONKit](
- - [EGOTableViewPullRefresh](

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