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Secure Personal Internet Access

Do you work at home? Do you access the web with an “always on” Cable or DSL connection? Are you worried about who’s accessing your computer when you’re not? Then come see us Tuesday, August 8th, 6:00 PM at the Knowledge Development Centre. SMCI is hosting our meeting and we are presenting the technology and information you need to make your system Secure!

Member Mark Wilson will introduce you to the Shields UP! Information source at Gibson Research Center – things you can do for FREE to make you system more secure. Bill Jones will present information on the LinkSys Cable/DSL hub and router to show you how to get an economical (read cheap) hardware firewall and 10/100 hub in one box. We will also discuss Gibson’s OptOut and the software firewall Zone Alarm from Zone Labs.

And there’s more: Grant will roll out our server hardware. Bill will update us on the server software from Microsoft.

And still more: Come help us set meeting topics for the rest of the year. Help us determine the process and methodology needed to use the new server for development demos.


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  1. None.


  1. Enterprise Developers Guild on August 8, 2000 @ 6:00 PM