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Carolina Code Camp - Fall 2009 - Schedule.pdf


Deconstructing an ASP.NET MVC Website

Building a code camp website from scratch in ASP.NET MVC with Linq to SQL is actually a lot harder than it sounds. It’s particularly difficult when you don't know much about MVC or Linq to SQL. On top of that, you have likely long forgotten how to work with some of the most basic HTML form objects after working for years with ASP.NET server controls. (We have been spoiled!) In this session, we will deconstruct a real-world ASP.NET MVC application. We will review the Models, Views, and Controllers being used by the code camp website and the challenges encountered as it was being built. Doing so will help you learn one approach to building your own ASP.NET MVC website.




  1. Carolina Code Camp - Fall 2009 on October 10, 2009 @ 12:30 PM