A brief overview of the Demand API, with links to further resources.
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HERE Mobility Platform Overview

HERE Mobility aims to democratize the mobility ecosystem. We are creating a competitive marketplace powered by intelligent technological solutions for all mobility service providers, businesses, and consumers.

HERE's central platform is the HERE Mobility Marketplace, a hub for supplying and requesting mobility services, for businesses and consumers. The Marketplace enables matching up end users with suppliers who can meet their needs for transportation and delivery.

The HERE Mobility platform offers two APIs: the Demand API, for use by client applications serving end users (passengers), and the Supply API, for use by applications representing ride suppliers such as taxi dispatching stations.

The HERE Mobility Demand API is a REST or GRPC API that enables the customer application to request, book and cancel mobility services. Demand API requests are sent to the HERE Mobility Marketplace, which matches up ride requests with available suppliers, and manages ride information and statuses.


Visit the resources below to learn more about the Demand API and how to use it.

Resource Description
Demand API Developer Guide A high-level guide that describes Ride Demand workflows and how to implement them using the Demand API. The guide contains code examples for REST and GRPC calls.
Demand REST API Reference Guide A detailed reference guide for the REST Demand API, including all calls, parameters and messages.
Demand GRPC API Reference Guide A detailed reference guide for the GRPC Demand API, including all calls, parameters and messages.