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Surface version of M-CRIB.

This software uses DrawEM and Deformable within MIRTK to perform cortical surface extraction. A customised Freesurfer-like pipeline is provided to perform cortical parcellation on the surfaces with M-CRIB compatible labelling schemes.

The current paper is at

MIRTK was downloaded from A customised version is included in this repo.


The script will build ITK, VTK and MIRTK. Install the following dependencies prior to running:

  • For VTK
    • zlib1g-dev libboost-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libxt-dev python3-dev libeigen3-dev
  • For MIRTK
    • libtbb-dev libflann-dev python-contextlib2
  • For Python
    • python-contextlib2 python3-contextlib2 python3-imageio python3-numpy python3-scipy python3-pandas python3-numexpr

This will install all of the dependencies for ubuntu:

apt install zlib1g-dev libboost-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libxt-dev python-dev python3-dev libtbb-dev libflann-dev libeigen3-dev python-contextlib2 python3-contextlib2 python3-imageio python3-numpy python3-scipy python3-pandas python3-numexpr

In centos, do this:

yum install zlib-devel boost-devel mesa-libGLU-devel libXt-devel python-devel python3-devel tbb-devel eigen3-devel python-contextlib2 python3-contextlib2 python3-imageio python3-numpy python3-scipy python3-pandas python3-numexpr

The script will checkout VTK 8.1.0, ITK 5.0.1 and build it.

Setting up

Assuming you have just executed the git checkout command:

git checkout

Then depending on the shell you are using source the configuration files as follows:

  • Bash: . MCRIBS/
  • TCSH shell: source MCRIBS/SetUpMCRIBS.csh

The main script to run is MCRIBReconAll. To get usage run MCRIBReconAll --help

Set up

Place your raw structural images, for subject subjid into subdirectories as follows:

  • T2 structural: RawT2/subjid.nii.gz
  • T1 structural: RawT1/subjid.nii.gz (optional)


There is a wrapper script called MCRIBReconAll that runs the pipeline of segmentation, surface extraction. The synopsis of the command is:

MCRIBReconAll [processing directive] [options] <subject id>

Processing directives and options

  • --conform: Reorients T2 image to radiological orientation, axial slices. Resamples to isotropic voxels. Input <RawT2/subjid.nii.gz> Output <RawT2RadiologicalIsotropic/subjid.nii.gz>
    • Options:
    • --voxelsize VOXELSIZE: Voxel size to use for isotropic resampling. Use "volumepreserve" to preserve original voxel volume
  • --tissueseg: Tissue type segmentation, depends on --conform. Input <RawT2RadiologicalIsotropic/subjid.nii.gz> Outputs
    • Options:
    • --tissuesegmethod {DrawEM}: Specify tissue segmentation method, only DrawEM is supported
    • --subjectage {28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44}: Subject age in weeks
  • --surfrecon: Cortical surface extraction, depends --tissueseg. Inputs , Outputs <SurfReconDeformable/subjid>
    • Options:
    • --surfreconmethod {Deformable}: Specify cortical surface extraction method
    • --deformablejointhresh DEFORMABLEJOINTHRESH: Join threshold parameter for Deformable, default=1.
    • --deformablefastcollision: Use Deformable fast collision test
  • --inflatesphere: Perform inflation, spherical mapping, curv, area, depends --surfrecon. Inputs <SurfReconDeformable/subjid>, Outputs <freesurfer/subjid>
  • --surfreg: Perform surface registration to the spherical template, depends --surfrecon
  • --surfvol: Perform surface volume calculations, depends --surfrecon
  • --cortribbon: Perform cortical ribbon volume generation, depends --surfrecon
  • --cortparc: Perform cortical parcellation, depends on --surfreg
    • Options:
    • --cortparcatlases {aparc,aparc+DKTatlas} [{aparc,aparc+DKTatlas} ...]: Parcellation scheme(s) to use
  • --aparc2aseg: Transfer cortical parcellations to volume, depends on --surfreg
    • Options:
    • --aparc2asegatlases {aparc,aparc+DKTatlas} [{aparc,aparc+DKTatlas} ...] Parcellation scheme(s) to use
  • --apas2aseg: Refine aseg.presurf using cortical parcellations, depends on --aparc2aseg with aparc
  • --cortthickness: Compute cortical thickness
  • --segstats: Perform segstats on the aseg image, depends on --apas2aseg
  • --parcstats: Perform stats on the cortical surfaces, depends on --apas2aseg

The following shorthand options may be used:

  • --all: executes --conform, --tissueseg, --surfrecon, --inflatesphere, --surfreg, --surfvol, --cortribbon, --cortparc, --aparc2aseg, --apas2aseg, --cortthickness, --segstats, --parcstats
  • -autoreconaftersurf: executes all steps post surface extraction, i.e. --inflatesphere, --surfreg, --surfvol, --cortribbon, --cortparc, --aparc2aseg, --apas2aseg, --cortthickness, --segstats, --parcstats

Other options:

  • --use-gpu, -use-gpu: Use GPU for --inflatesphere steps
  • -openmp, --openmp nthreads. Use nthreads for multithreading where possible.

dHCP interoperability

Import data

This has recently changed, need to update the documentation here.

Export data

MCRIB data may be exported back to dHCP format using the following command:

MCRIBDHCPExport <subj id> <dHCP dir>

The parameter <subj id> is the subject id of a subject that has been processed with MCRIBReconAll. The following files are currently converted:

  • ?h.white
  • ?h.inflated
  • ?h.pial
  • ?h.sphere
  • ?h.thickness
  • ?h.sulc
  • ?h.curv
  • ?h.aparc.annot (DK parcellation)
  • ?h.aparc+DKTatlas.annot (DKT parcellation)


  • Labels unmyelinated WM are myelinated PLIC and ALIC???. The regions were correctly labelled as myelinated WM. The main WM labels are kept as "cerebral WM" despite them being unmyelinated. It makes it easier for display purposes.
  • Make a MCRIB version of the ALBERTs? Working on this.
  • Folding index
  • Try MANTIS as a stitching thing with DrawEM.
  • Make a CSH version of the setup script.
  • Screenshot generators.
  • Investigate warning message in VTK 8.2.0 during merge-surfaces. vtkCleanPolyData causes an OOB lookup on one of the arrays. I have checked this. It seems to be a warning message that is handled correctly. I have compared vtk-8.1 vs. vtk-8.2 outputs of merge-surface in 4 subjects and they are identical. So this error can be ignored.
  • Fix memory leak in gcc 8 and gcc 9. evaluate-mesh, VTK issue 17722, fixed in commit 95a252c04b52deb4448c02c4bd26d39d3e3688c7