The tool to decode obfuscated shellcodes using the unicorn and capstone engine
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EliDecode is a tool to decode obfuscated shellcodes using the unicorn-engine for the emulation and the capstone-engine to print the asm code. Please note I should post news on my website.


EliDecode support 6 architectures, and I will add new ones as soon as possible 😄. Here is the updated list:

  • x86 (16, 32 and 64 bits)
  • arm (thumb, 32 and 64 bits)
  • mips (3, 32, 32r6 and 64 little and big endian)


Just install python 2 (I may upgrade it to python 3 later...) and use 😄. For example:

sudo apt install python python-dev python-setuptools git
git clone
cd EliDecode
sudo ./ --unicorn --capstone
./ --help


You can contribute in many ways like reporting bugs, adding new features, donating...


EliDecode is a fork of unicorn-decoder.

THE tool to decode obfuscated shellcodes using the unicorn engine by DeveloppSoft, original repo here. It currently support 6 architectures and more are coming (see the TODO list) !!


git clone
cd unicorn
sudo ./ install
cd bindings/python
sudo make install

cd ../..

git clone
cd capstone
sudo ./ install
cd bindings/python
make install

cd ../..

git clone
cd EliDecode/Eli.Decode
python --help


Coming soon...


You can contribute to EliDecode by:


If you like my work, please considermaking a donation (button coming soon).


Please do pull requests to improve EliDecode by adding to features.


If you have problems with EliDecode please open an issue.


If you know how to improve EliDecode but don't know how to do it, don't hesistate to open an issue!

Sharing and promoting

You can share EliDecode if you want (under the terms of the license), for example by speaking about it on your website or making videos.

Everything else...

There is many unquoted ways to contribute...


  • x86_16
  • x86_32
  • x86_64
  • arm_thumb
  • arm32
  • arm64
  • mips_3
  • mips_32
  • mips_32r6
  • mips_64
  • build as a python module
  • add nice colors
  • add more testcases


This code is based on unicorn-decoder. Finally, I want to thanks everybody which gave me time there.