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Un "Tetris" en guise de démonstration de développement de jeu vidéo avec Delphi et FireMonkey.


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Tetris Like

A "Tetris" as a demonstration of video game development with Delphi in a cross-platform project using the FireMonkey framework.

This program was developed during a live stream on Twitch on April 11 and 18, 2021. It is available as an educational resource and should not be distributed outside of this link.

If you want to play or learn about the real Tetris, go to the official game site.

If you don't have Delphi (Community Edition, Academic or for professionals) to compile this project but want to play with it, download its latest release.

To see how this version of the Tetris video game was developed, watch the replay of its coding sessions on the Serial Streamer site.

You don't know Delphi or Pascal? You can find all the resources (books, videos, courses, tutorials, blogs, examples) to learn more on these directories:

And if you've never programmed before, give it a try. Pascal is easy to learn and Delphi is just great for doing everything!

Thanks to DeepL online translation service I use on my repositories and in programs.