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Share your mood! Mood Picker is a light webapp to know how you are and keep track.
You can use it only for you, or ask for an entire group’s mood.

Screenshot of Mood Picker


Please check that the Apache Rewrite module and the PHP SQLite3 extension are installed and enabled on your server.

Get the source

The simplest way —if you have Git installed— is to clone the current repository.

git clone moods

Otherwise you can download the last version on the releases page, and unzip it as a moods folder into your web server root folder.

‣ Be sure that the application have rights to write in the data folder.

Other path URL

If the webapp is not stored in the moods folder on your root web server folder, you have to do one more step. Let's assume you have installed MoodPicker in apps/mymood and you also browse it under http://mywebsite.tld/apps/mymood; just edit the .htaccess file and update the two following lines:

RewriteBase /apps/mymood/
ErrorDocument 403 /apps/mymood/index.php?page=404


To offer different themes or to enable debug information, create a config.php file on the root folder of the app, with the following lines:


$_CONFIG = array(

    // available themes (match the css file)
    'themes' => array(
    // force default theme
    'theme' => 'default',

    // debug mode
    'debug' => false

API credentials and documentation

An API is available on each instance to send a mood or get data.

The documentation is always accessible when logged. You can also enable public API documentation page for everyone.
API credentials are managed from the administration when logged; you can offer a public API credentials request page.

Want to contribute?

Source code is hosted on Github by Nicolas Devenet.

Feel free to fork it and to improve the application!
Let me know if you use Mood Picker by sending me an email, I will be happy ;-)


A list of screenshots is available in the resources branch.

Screenshot of Mood Picker