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Movies is a light web application to manage movies and track ther state.
It’s written in PHP, does not require a database and can be easily self hosted.

Version 2.0 is now available → download the last version 🚀

Main features:

  • Simple & fast, intuitive & mobile first
  • No database (data is saved in a file)
  • Easy installation
  • Search, box office, watchlist, and random movie features
  • Several optional metadata (original title, duration, release date, country of production, genres, external information link, movie poster)
  • RSS feed for last movies
  • Export and import feature with JSON file
  • Settings (title, author, robots, pagination)
  • Custom themes supported


Developed by Nicolas Devenet. Under MIT license.
Code hosted on

Thanks to contributors. Inspired by Shaarli.

Migration from v1 to v2

Before migrating to v2:

  • If you want to keep your logs, you have to rename the file /data/area-51.txt into /data/logs.txt.
    Otherwise, nothing to do.

After migrating to v2:

  • You can delete the obsolete files /boxoffice.rss and /watchlist.rss.
    You can also add a redirection on your webserver for the previous deleted files to the movies.rss file.
  • You can delete the obsolete folder /cache.