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A memory editor and viewer for iOS (Jailed or not Jailed)
Objective-C C
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A memory editor and viewer for iOS (Jailed or not Jailed).
Inspired by HippocampHairSalon.

0. Notices

DLGMemorApp is a demo for DLGMemor testing.
Tested on jailed iOS 10.3.3.
Tested on jailed iOS 11.1.1.
Tested on jailbroken iOS 11.1.1.

1. Screenshot

2. How to use

Build target DLGMemor and you will get DLGMemor.framework.
Insert dylib DLGMemor.framework/DLGMemor into the app and enjoy it!
You can show or hide DLGMemor by tapping screen 3 times with 3 fingers.

3. References

4. License


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