This is an example custom functionality plugin for WordPress. It includes a sample plugin directory structure along with additional helper classes and functions.
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Custom Functionality Plugin Example

Contributors: Devin Walker (@wordimpress / Version: 1.2 Requires at least: 3.6 Tested up to: 3.8.1


Custom Functionality Plugin Example is an example plugin for WordPress that is meant to be a starting point for developing your own custom functions and features. It includes a clean plugin directory structure, easy to understand inline docs complete with todos, and additional helper classes and functions.

You should use the plugin to separate your functional (plugin) and presentation (theme) logic in accordance with WordPress best practice recommendations. For more information, please visit the article Building Your First Custom Functionality Plugin.

Getting Started

  1. To get started, download the zip file of this repository and upload it to your WordPress theme's plugin directory or MU (must use) plugin directory.
  2. Update the plugin name and description to match your company or organization
  3. Activate the plugin and review the inline todos to further customize.

What's Included?

This plugin contains a number of submodules of popular GitHub repos that allow you to do a variety of awesome things:

Example CPT and Taxonomy with CMBs

This plugin includes a sample Custom Post Type "Movies" with an attached Custom Taxonomy "Genres" to help you get started using the included helper classes. There is also a sample Custom Metabox setup which is attached to the "Movies" CPT; this custom metabox has two example fields.

Have an Idea? Interested in Contributing?

If you are interested it taking the project a step further please don't hesitate to reach out!