Tech Demos for VerletKha
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Latest commit 6dd7e16 Jan 19, 2017 @Devination Reference _instance directly to avoid issues when swapping instances.…
… (Not swapping in these examples but it's just better practice)

Haxe references work like this:
if world = _instance; and _instance = Verlet1; then world = Verlet1 and it's reference to _instance is thrown out.
So now if we change _instance = Verlet2; then world = Verlet1 is still true. This would give unexpected results if you're trying to change Verlet instances.


Tech Demos for VerletKha.


How to use

  1. Clone this repro
  2. Use Kode Studio to open one of the sub-folders (ie Shapes/)
  3. Build with Kode Studio
  4. Play with the code, discover how things work