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Devless Python SDK

Allows you manage and administer your Devless service integrations in Python.


In your project's python file, simply import the module

import devless

Getting started

To connect to the Devless instance

Pass your Devless instance URL and token generated on your dashboard to the Sdk object.

devless = devless.Sdk("", "1234567abcdefghijklmnopqrst")

To add data to table

data = {"name":"edmond"}
results = devless.add_data('service_name', 'service_table', data)

To query data from the Devless instance

results = devless.get_data('service_name','service_table')

Optional filters for your query :

size : determine the number of results to return, like this:

results = devless.size(3).get_data('service_name', 'service_table')

offset : Set step in data data to be sent back:

NB: This is to be used in combination with size

results = devless.offset(2).size(6).get_data('service_name', 'service_table') 

where : Get data based where a key matches a certain value:

results = devless.where('name', 'edmond').get_data('service_name', 'service_table') 

orderBy : Order incoming results in descending order based on a key

results = devless.orderBy('name').get_data('service_name', 'service_table') 

To update data to table

results = devless.where('id',1).update_data('service_name', 'service_table', {'name':'edmond'})


To delete data from a Devless instance

results = devless.where('id',1).delete_data('service_name','service_table')

Make a call to an Action Class

results ='service_name','method_name', {})


Authenticating with a Devless instance

token ='devless','login', {'email':'', 'password':'password'});