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DataStore Helper is the DevLess internal API for working with data related to services. To use the DataStore class import it by inserting use App\Helpers\DataStore; at the very top of the php file, right after the <?php tag. Now you can use it to interact with the database.

Query Records

To get all records:

DataStore::service('serviceName', 'tableName')->queryData();

You may pass in query parameters. eg: The size parameter gets a given number of results:

DataStore::service('serviceName', 'tableName')->size(7)->queryData();

Available query parameters include :

Parameter Name Description
size($size) Size as explained earlier makes it possible to return a given number of records.
offset($number) It is also possible to skip a number of records with the offset parameter by providing the $number of records to skip.
OrderBy($field) OrderBy makes it possible to order the records in ascending order based on the given $field.
where($column, $value) You may query data where a given $column equals a given $value. where may also be used when updating particular records.
orWhere($column, $value) Use this when you want results that may have a column set to one thing or there other.
search($column, $value) You may also run a search based on a specific column type. Will match data

Add Records

To add data to a given table by passing it in as an array of values.

DataStore::service('serviceName', 'tableName')->addData([['firstName'=>'edmond','lastName'=>'Mensah']])

You may also make double entries

DataStore::service('serviceName', 'tableName')->addData([

Update Records

To update records you need the record id.

$data = ['firstName'=>'james'];
DataStore::service('serviceName', 'tableName')->where($id, $value)->update($data)

The $id parameter should be a string identifier.

Delete tables or records

To delete records from the table:

DataStore('serviceName', 'tableName')->where($id, $value)->delete();

To truncate a table:

DataStore('serviceName', 'tableName')->truncate()

To drop table:

DataStore('serviceName', 'tableName')->drop()

Instance Info

You may also get all info about the DevLess instance using the DataStore from within your application.

 $instance = DataStore::instanceInfo();

 $user = $instance['admin'];
 $app  = $instance['app'];

 var_dump($user, $app)


DevLess also provides a key/value store. This could be used to store user configuration settings or any data not part of the service but relates to the current instance only

 use App\Helpers\DataStore;

 //stores the current time `time()` under the key created_on
 DataStore::setDump('created_on', time());

 //gets the value under the created_on key
 $data = DataStore::getDump('created_on');

 //updates the created_on key to the new current time()
 DataStore::updateDump('created_on', time());

 $data = DataStore::getDump('created_on');

 //removes the entire key/value created_on