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Kindern Programmieren, Roboter und Elektronik mit Spaß näher bringen


  1. workshop-maze-vr workshop-maze-vr Public

    Workshop to show children how to do objective programming and see what their maze in virtual reality look like

    JavaScript 6 4

  2. workshop-jumping-sumo workshop-jumping-sumo Public

    Workshop to teach children how to do objective programming in java by controlling a drone

    Java 4 2

  3. workshop-jumping-sumo-4-scratch workshop-jumping-sumo-4-scratch Public

    Workshop to program the jumping sumo with Scratch

    HTML 7 4

  4. workshop-sonic-pi workshop-sonic-pi Public

    Workshop for Sonic PI

    13 3

  5. workshop-lego-mindstorms-ev3 workshop-lego-mindstorms-ev3 Public

    Workshop of the lego mindstorms ev3

    3 1

  6. workshop-minecraft-modding-raspberry-pi workshop-minecraft-modding-raspberry-pi Public

    Minecraft Modding Devoxx4kids Workshop

    Python 3 1


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