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ARD Android Companion

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This app runs on Android OS version above and including Lollipop (API 21).

Project uses the following CIs

Travis CI for testing. Travis CI reports can be found here.

Codecov for coverage. Reports here.

VersionEye to keep track of dependencies.

Project follows the naming convention mentioned here and here. Before starting contributions please make sure you are thorough with this convention. If you have any suggestions that you would like to share or want to report a bug, use the Issues tab.

For any issues faced during installations, head over to Slack.

Project hosted under Mobile Applications Club, BITS Goa

Project Setup and Build Instructions


  • Android Studio 2.3 or above
  • Android SDK Tools 26.0.0 or above
  • Android SDK Platform-tools 26.0.2 or above
  • Android SDK Build-tools 26.0.0 or above
  • Extras (in SDK Manager)


  1. Fork this repository to your account on GitHub

  2. Clone to your local storage using git. Open a terminal and paste

git clone
  1. Open Android Studio and click Open > Navigate to ARD folder > Press Select

  2. In android studio console execute

git remote add upstream


See .github/

If you're not proficient with git, it'll be better if you follow .github/

Build and Test

While normal (manual) testing, you can run the app using app configuration in Android Studio.

However, we consider code coverage data to assess PR. Which means you will have to write tests that cover as much portion of your patch as possible. To evaluate the tests and see the coverage stats locally, do following:

./gradlew clean build coverage

If all goes well, reports will be generated at app/build/reports directory.

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