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ReallyAnnoyingDirectory - Introduction Project

A directory of really 'awful' front-end pages.

No Style guide requirements.

Template Provided.

Write as much or as little as you want.


What we're doing here is giving everyone regardless of skill level a chance to contribute to a repository without being terrified of things like styleguides, making people mad (it's kind of the point), and all the other things that come with big scary stuff normally associated with first time collaborations like trying to make stuff with people you've never met who definintely probably maybe know more than you.

To put it simply, It's designed to be difficult to fuck this up from a new person's perspective. While being 'fun' for everyone.

Getting Started

Suggested Reading for those new to github

Are You Completely New?

Are you Sort of new?

Template.html in the subDirectory folder contains a basic page's requirements.

Every file that you see that ends with .md is just a text file anyone can read. If you accidentally delete one, it's not a big deal.

If you want to add an .html page/file to the directory, you can simply make a copy of the template located within the subDirectory, rename it and then make a pull request with your file added into the subDirectory.

Come hang out with us at our Discord channel here:

Contributing Requirements

  • There is no required style guide to be enforced for only this project except what is below
  • All new pages must have a non-default name, don't leave the file named template.html
  • All new pages must link back to the directory.
  • All new pages must be added in the subDirectory folder.
  • No modifications to the directory page are allowed EXCEPT adding a link to your page. Maintain the directory structure when adding your link
  • The anchor back to the directory on your page must not be impossible to reach, but you can make it hard to get.
  • In the description of the pull request detail what it is your page does that is annoying.
  • Only 1 page may be added, but you can go back and update your original page later if you choose to (No external style sheets but CDNs are fine)


  • Partial secrets/surprises/are acceptable but nothing that's NSFW / Screamers / Tubgirl-Lemonparty-esque
  • We're having fun screwing around here not trying to brick people's computers / cause damage.


  • Pages should be annoying/funny, but it's subjective and thats fine.
  • Creativity is heavily endorsed, make it as complicated or as simple as you want / are able to.
  • Memes are endorsed
  • You can use a CDN to bring in frameworks.

Additional QAs

Q. Halp what is a bad website?

Q. Can I work on this 'Issue'?

So, lets say you stop by the issues tab and see something that you'd like to work on. You look a little further and see that someone said they're working on it already. Maybe nobody has commented on it yet but you're still not sure if you can work on it. So here are some guidelines for you.

  • Issues are completed on a first come first serve basis. What this means in context is that that if the issue is still there you may work on it and nobody has been officially assigned it you may work on it. Here is a gif on how to check if there are any assignees for issues. gif
  • This means that if someone said they are working on it, and you decide you want to work on it and you both submit PRs, will do my best to try to incorporate everything if possible.

The reason being is that I don't anyone to feel like they can't work on an issue. This project is supposed to be extremely new contributor friendly. So if things overlap, that is absolutely fine I'll do my best to incorporate all the code if possible.

For other QAs Check the Wiki

You can also ask me a question in the Discord if you want to know something else.

Feature Suggestions

New Feature suggestions are welcome and encouraged, Create a new issue if you have a feature suggestion.

Alternatively, you can tweet suggestions at me


Also if you want to talk about this project with other developers you can join the Discord