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POC aimbot ("auto-aim") on the game Overwatch.

Note: This program has not been used during a real game of Overwatch. Demonstrations (images and videos) were performed on video recordings of games.

Update: The source files of this repository have been removed after an agreement with the Blizzard Company.

Overall functioning

This script uses the Python library PIL to recover the center of the main screen (as the sight of the gun is always at this position). A aimbot is mainly there for the accuracy, it is unnecessary to make treatments across the entire screenshot: the captured area is only 300x300 pixels (it also helps to reduce the computation times).

Enemy players on Overwatch are surrounded by a red border; treatments are therefore to detect these areas, then choose the closest. A simple cursor movement then enough to target the enemy player.


Examples of detected zones and the position selected as a target:

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo 4

Demo 5

Demo 6

Demo 7

Demo 8

Two demonstration videos on recordings are available on YouTube: AimBot-Overwatch-Demo1, AimBot-Overwatch-Demo2.

Major concerns faced

  • Enemy players are not the only ones on Overwatch to be red: all messages, indications of damage, explosions, limits checkpoints, decorations, ... can also contain red shades. The positions of the targets calculated are sometimes biased by these zones.
  • Although the targets are computed on an area of 300x300 pixels, the program is relatively slow. To make these calculations in real-time on game records Overwatch, I had to slow down to half speed videos.

The future of the project

I realized this project in order to better understand how could be achieved a aimbot. I have never used this program on a real game. Not wishing to see my account banned, the project will no longer be updated.


POC aimbot ("auto-aim") on the game Overwatch








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