T-Rex's neural network (AI for the game T-Rex / Dinosaur on Google Chrome)
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T-Rex's neural network (AI for the game T-Rex / Dinosaur on Google Chrome).

Learning mode

  • Do not import ai/bot.js (line 13 in index.html).
  • Play multiple games (achieve a score of at least 2000 points). Use jumps only.
  • All your moves will be recorded. A move is defined by:
    • The current speed,
    • The distance until the next obstacle,
    • The width, height and altitude of this obstacle,
    • Whether you jumped or not.
  • Execute JSON.stringify(getSolutions()) in your console, and put the data into ai/data.js (in the solutions variable).

Genetic Algorithms

  • Run node ai/ga.js to find a possible intelligence for your records.
  • Copy+paste the result (the array of numbers) of the last turn (with the best fitness found) into your ai/bot.js file (line 20).

Run the bot

  • Revert your modification into index.html (by reimporting the ai/bot.js)

How to play without download all these files?

Copy+paste the file ai/import.js into your browser (chrome://dino/), then run:

importAI([-95.56601421853227,-85.36168246829185,5.473159957604986,-2.2524794626783855,4.720944891882393,-7.4916691544085925, 3.7000145778189877,40.06859910598944,53.29819896989174,-44.78287614646953,66.270631606874,-30.201819957694955, 78.24397239483471,-16.543948021956993,67.37003637242792,1.5497033889439737,26.561100252678365,-22.206257738432278, 37.585476245910534,-24.108646500703816,5.2506611682817885,22.481568269598057,-12.369921294821879,-26.53789634952111, -96.61362135206807,-17.173819147522376,-122.38731979320482,26.08437453924002,6.4443673674408,-124.88919981892785, 10.603237872543774,-59.743113935904965,-5.817672852185882,30.60677704355442,-17.32040578223058,-6.90005628155993])