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🚧 Notice 🚧

dext is, at the moment, subject to heavy development. From v0.9.0, we won't add any feature unless small with backwards compability in mind.

Currently, the roadmap for dext 2.0 is to move to the direction of having the following accomplished:

  1. having a hook system for external plugins
  2. consolidating all packages of dext into a monorepo

...among other features.

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Dext is a JavaScript powered smart launcher. Built with JavaScript behind the influences of Alfred.

Made compatible with Alfred workflows that is powered by node (see: alfy).

Note: Currently available only for Mac OS X platform. Please help contribute for Windows and Linux users.


Download the latest zip file here and unzip the archive. Open and follow the instructions below for usage.

You can also use Homebrew Cask to download the app by running these commands:

brew update
brew cask install dext

NOTE: Release version may not be stable as Dext is still in it's early stage of development. Please help contribute towards a stable build.


Toggle Dext Bar

Simply toggle and start typing with:

alt + space


Each item may have it's own action. You can execute an item by double-clicking on the item or selecting it and pressing:



Type ?

Dext Package Manager

Dext Package Manager (dpm) is available to download separately. dpm can be used to easily install and configure your Dext instance. Please refer to the docs over at the dpm repository for more information.

$ npm install -g dext-cli


The Dext configuration file is located in the .dext folder in your home directory (~/.dext/). This directory should contain a config.json file as well as a plugins folder. In here, you can drop any plugins.

Hint: Use dpm to easily manage plugins.

| --- config.json
| --- plugins/
| --- | --- dext-github-plugin/
| --- | --- dext-hackernews-plugin/

Core Plugins

  • Bookmarks - Search your Chrome bookmarks.
  • Browser - Quick open your browser to a given URL.
  • Calculator - Quickly calculate something.
  • Screen Saver - Starts the screen saver.

Community Plugins

Community Themes

Developers Documentation


  • To provide a free/open-source alternative to Spotlight, and Alfred.
  • Preserve compatibility with existing Alfred workflows.
  • Allow customization and extending via plugins and themes.


β™₯ Dext and want to contribute? I am seeking contributors of any levels to help grow the application. You can help contribute to the growth of this application in many ways.


Like what you see? Become a Patron and support me via a monthly donation.


MIT Β© Vu Tran