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BrickPi Firmware

This section of the BrickPi repository contains the BrickPi firmware and files to help you update the BrickPi firmware.

Firmware Versions

All BrickPi have been shipped with the firmware package titled "Firmware_Loading_Package_2013.07.05"

An update to the firmware is currently in testing. You can find this firmware in the folder "Firmware_2.0_Loading_Package"

How To Update the BrickPi Firmware

We have a step-by-step version of this on our website here. Tools for updating the firmware can be found in the directory "Updating_the_Firmware".

Source Code

Sourcecode for the different firmware versions can be found in "Firmware 1.7.4" and "Firmware_2.0".
The directory "Old_Firmware" is there for historical purposes. Beware!