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* Copyright (c) 2017 Dexter Industries
* Released under the MIT license (
* For more information, see
* This code is an example for reading BrickPi3 information
* Results: Print information about the attached BrickPi3.
* Example compile command:
* g++ -o program "info.c"
* Example run command:
* sudo ./program
#include "BrickPi3.cpp" // for BrickPi3
#include <stdio.h> // for printf
BrickPi3 BP; // Create a BrickPi3 instance with the default address of 1
//BrickPi3 BP_7(7); // Create a BrickPi3 instance with address 7
int main(){
//BrickPi3_set_address(1, ""); // set BrickPi3 with any id to the default address of 1
//BrickPi3_set_address(7, "192A0F96514D4D5438202020FF080C23"); // set BrickPi3 with id 192A0F96514D4D5438202020FF080C23 to address 7
BP.detect(); // Make sure that the BrickPi3 is communicating and that the firmware is compatible with the drivers.
char str[33]; // Room for the 32-character serial number string plus the NULL terminator.
printf("Manufacturer : %s\n", str);
printf("Board : %s\n", str);
printf("Serial Number : %s\n", str);
printf("Hardware version: %s\n", str);
printf("Firmware version: %s\n", str);
printf("Battery voltage : %.3f\n", BP.get_voltage_battery());
printf("9v voltage : %.3f\n", BP.get_voltage_9v());
printf("5v voltage : %.3f\n", BP.get_voltage_5v());
printf("3.3v voltage : %.3f\n", BP.get_voltage_3v3());