"Dreams" images, such as shown in the Google Research blog post on "Inceptionism".
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"Dreams" images, such as shown in the Google Research blog post on "Inceptionism".

What's it do?

Using a deep neural network, it turns images like this:

Into this:

Read the Google Research blog post on "Inceptionism" to learn more about how it works.


  • Install Vagrant
  • Clone this repo
  • cd image-dreamer
  • vagrant up
  • Go grab a coffee, this will take a while


  • Copy any JPEG images you want to "dreamify" into the image-dreamer directory
  • vagrant ssh
  • cd /vagrant
  • ipython dreamify.py <input JPEG filename> <output PNG filename>
  • Freak out!


Thanks to the great work of Google's deepdream team!

The Vagrant file and Vagrantbox are based on those provided by Data Science Toolbox. Big thanks to them for providing the scientific Python bootstrap I needed to get this going!


Have fun, hack, contribute! This is just a starting point, I'd love to see where people take this!

If you make changes, please consider issuing a pull request. I'm happy to oblige.

Thanks to @borzoj and @dirtyvader for their contributions!