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Testing webshells and the like with MVC and Dot NET Core

Razor Webshell

Using the webshell

The webshell itself is MVCShell/Views/Home/Shell.cshtml (for Linux and Mac) and MVCShell/Views/Home/WinShell.cshtml (for Windows). You can play with it as well by selecting NixSh3ll or WinSh3ll on the top menu of the home page. You only need those files for scenarios where you may need a .NET Core or MVC webshell. This will only work with web solutions that run views that are rendered on the server using Razor syntax (files with a .cshtml extention).

LFI Sample

The home page allows you to test LFI with the webshell. I will be adding demos for RFI as well soon.

To get the LFI working the url should look something like this


The above simulates a web page that pulls a partial view from ~/Views/Home/Shell.cshtml. You can simply enter http://localhost:5000/Home?tpl=~/Views/Home/Shell.cshtml and ommit the cmd argument, as it will be added for you when entering commands in the shell.

RFI Sample

In progress


  • There needs to be an controller route to the shell you are injecting, so this would be useful in an scenario where you can replace a local file that gets rendered as a partial razor view. I am currently testing for RFI to find ways to elimite this caveat.