Blockchain based Document Management system prototype. Built with St8Flo
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Blockchain based Document Management system prototype. Built with St8Flo

Demo features:

  1. Distributed Authentication
  2. Permissioned access
  3. Document Redundancy
  4. Revision / Edit history

Demo video:

Get started

  1. download or clone this repo.
  2. run 'npm install' in the base folder, as well as '/codebase/apps/blockchain' folder.
  3. 'cd' to 'launch/local' folder from a terminal tab
  4. type '. launch_local blockchain' to exec a shell script. The script will automatically launch 4 tabs with their runtimes pre-configured. The configurations are stored at '/config/local/'
  5. Open 4 browser tabs at the following IP addresses


  • Currently runs on mac only, under a restricted signed license. Docker version will be put out soon.
  • In production, this license can be used to identify nodes in a machine that belong to an organisation.


Additional Notes

The goal of St8Flo is to be a unifying platform that combines all manners of distributed computing, ranging from blockchains to bigdata and machine learning, & present them as easy to use API's, that developers can use to build complex reactive distributed system that just work.

Being in Javascript, it is also one of the only few platforms that bring the hottest technologies like Blockchain, distribtued machine learning and analytics, natively to Javascript and 71% of the world's developers.