A Webmail service to connect faculty and students of HBTU Kanpur.
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A Webmail service to connect faculty and students of HBTU Kanpur. http://hbtumail.decoder.co.in/


This repository is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0

How to Setup

Setting up HBTUMAIL on your local machine is really easy. Follow this guide to setup your development enviroment.

Requirements :

  1. PHP > 5.6
  2. MySQL
  3. XAMPP
  4. Adobe Dreamweaver
  5. git

Installation :

  1. Get the source code on your machine via git.

    git clone https://github.com/DhawalAgrawal/HBTUMAIL.git
  2. Install VOZ

    Copy all the files to the htdoccs folder of Xampp server
  3. Setting up the Dreamweaver.

    Open the index.php page in Dreamweaver
     Click files on the right side of the window
    Manage sites
    Site name HBTUMAIL
    Local root folder < path\xampp\htdocs\HBTUMAIL\
    HTTP Address < http://localhost/HBTUMAIL/
    Server-Mode PHP MySQL
    Testing server folder < path\xampp\htdocs\HBTUMAIL\
    URL prefix < http://localhost/HBTUMAIL/
  4. Create an empty sql database and run import database.

    Start MySQL as Admin in XAMMP
    Create new database called HBTUMAIL
    import database < path\HBTUMAIL\sql\HBTUMAIL.sql

That's it, now start development at http://localhost/HBTUMAIL/index.php in your browser

Contribution guidelines

If you are interested in contributing to HBTUMAIL, Open Issues, send PR and Don't forget to star the repo.

Feel free to code and contribute