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Setup script for Regon-ng
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Script to enumerate subdomains, leveraging recon-ng. Uses google scraping, bing scraping, baidu scraping, yahoo scarping, netcraft, and bruteforces to find subdomains. Plus resolves to IP.:


    # This will leave you inside a recon-ng session. The following recon-ng commands may be helpful after.

'show hosts'

    # This will display the results

'use reporting/csv' 

'set filename out.csv'


    # This will se the export module and filename and create a csv of host data


Recon-ng is awesome. Recon-ng supports the use of resource scripts to automate the console. While having a resource script template for recon-ng is nice, it's cumbersome to have to change the template and domain constantly, or do it from the CLI.

This is my version of a script that dynamically creates a resource file for a domain and runs specified recon-ng modules on it. In this case it's for subdomain discovery but, it can be extended to any set of modules.

TLDR; I just want to do my subdomain discovery via ONE command and be done with it.

Only 1 module needs an api key (/api/google_site) find instructions for that on the recon-ng wiki.


by @jhaddix
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