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OAuth implementation over IITB LDAP authentication system
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OAUTH 2.0 Provider for LDAP

This application follows the standard OAuth2.0 flow described in RFC 6749

Detailed documentation is present at:

Special Feature

  • Selective Permissions option for users (like facebook)
  • Atomic Permissions for fields


All URLs are from base of application URL. (i.e. assuming application is installed at '/')

  • Application Registration /oauth/applications/
  • Authorization /oauth/authorize/
  • Get Access Token /oauth/token/
  • Revoke Token /oauth/revoke_token/


  • basic: Know who you are on SSO
  • profile: Your first name and last name
  • picture: Profile Picture
  • ldap: Your ldap username and email
  • phone: Your contact number including additional numbers
  • insti_address: Your address inside institute
  • program: Your roll number, department, course, joining year and graduation year
  • secondary_emails: Your alternate emails
  • send_mail: Send you mail on behalf of application

User Resources:

  • /user/api/user/: Get basic information corresponding to basic scope
  • /user/api/user/?fields=field1,field2: Get additional information corresponding to field1 and field2. See available fields below


Field Name: Required Scopes

  • first_name: profile
  • last_name: profile
  • profile_picture: profile picture
  • username: ldap
  • email: ldap
  • mobile: phone
  • roll_number: program
  • contacts: phone
  • insti_address: insti_address
  • program: program
  • secondary_emails: secondary_emails


  • Atomize permissions
  • Add endpoint to send email on behalf of app
  • Create Login with SSO widgets
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