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Welcome to the DiRAC Essentials Level Test

Computer requirements

  • Web browser
  • Bash shell (other shells are also fine but please ensure they support the commands grep, find, cat, history, wget, zip, unzip)
  • A text editor e.g. nano, vi or emacs
  • Git tutorial
  • Python 2.6 or 2.7
  • Python pip
  • Python nose
  • Python coverage
  • Python pytest
  • Python pytest-cov

Getting started

In order to take the Essentials Level Test, you will need to clone a Git repository. This contains all the files you need to take the test. It serves as both a repository and your working copy. You will do all of your work in this local repository, and use version control to commit your solutions as you go.

To clone the repository on your local machine go to the folder where you want to clone it and execute

git clone

in your terminal. Now you can start the DiRAC Essentials Level test.