Manipulate SPI Flash File System disk images
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spiffsimg - Manipulate SPI Flash File System disk images

Ever wished you could prepare a SPIFFS image offline and flash the whole thing onto your microprocessor's storage instead of painstakingly upload file-by-file through your app on the micro? With spiffsimg you can!

Syntax: spiffsimg -f <filename> [-c size] [-l | -i | -r <scriptname> ]

Supported operations:

  • Create (-c size) a blank disk image of the given size.
  • List (-l) the contents of the given disk image.
  • Interactive (-i) or scripted (-i) commands.

Available commands:

  • ls List contents. Output format is {type} {size} {name}.
  • cat <filename> Dump file contents to stdout.
  • rm <filename> Delete file.
  • info Display SPIFFS usage estimates.
  • import <srcfile> <spiffsname> Import a file into the disk image.
  • export <spiffsname> <dstfile> Export a file from the disk image.


# spiffsimg -f flash.img -c 524288 -i
> import myapp/lua/init.lua init.lua
> import myapp/lua/httpd.lua httpd.lua
> import myapp/html/index.html http/index.html
> import myapp/html/favicon.ico http/favicon.ico
> ls
f    122 init.lua
f   5169 httpd.lua
f   2121 http/index.html
f    880 http/favicon.ico

Known limitations:

  • The file size has to be a multiple of the logical page size, 256.
  • The block & page sizes are currently hard-coded to 0x1000 and 0x100.
  • Error handling is not entirely consistent, some errors result in an early exit, others just print an error (both cause a non-zero exit though).
  • Only flat SPIFFS is supported.

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