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DiXiT Coding and collation workshop

This repository hosts materials for the workshop Code and Collation: Training Textual Scholars, that takes place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from 2 through 4 November 2016. The event is part of the DiXiT network and is hosted by the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands. It brings together a group of international experts from the fields of textual scholarship and computer science.

The workshop engages with the theory and practice of semi-automated collation and provides an intense training in the open source collation program CollateX. Participants will learn how to prepare source materials, how to perform semi-automated collation using CollateX, and how to inspect and modify the results; they will acquire or improve computational skills relevant to textual criticism and in particular to the production of scholarly editions.

Go to the Intro notebook for further info, including the schedule, the list of the instructors and the table of contents with links to the tutorials.

NOTE: the materials in this repository are released under a GLP 3.0 licence. If you are interested in the materials in Fixtures/Woolf, refer to the specific licence in that directory.


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