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This program is unmaintained and does not support the current miner protocol. Use cgminer instead. Do not create issues about this program being broken because it will not be fixed by the original developers. If you want to fix it, you're welcome to fork it.

DiabloMiner - OpenCL miner for BitCoin

Copyright (C) 2010 - 2013 Patrick McFarland <>

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and_or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org_licenses/>.


Bitcoins and Devcoins: 1DbeWKCxnVCt3sRaSAmZLoboqr8pVyFzP1


DiabloMiner is a command line program. This means you need to open a terminal (cmd.exe,, xterm, etc) and run the program with the proper arguments from there.

You require hardware that is capable of running OpenCL.

MacOSX Warning

Apple's OpenCL drivers often exhibit strange bugs.

If DiabloMiner is displaying warnings about CL_INVALID_WORK_GROUP_SIZE, add -w 64 to your arguments.

How to download

Binary download here

This download is always kept up to date with the newest version of the source.

How to build

DiabloMiner requires the SDK for Java 6.0 or higher installed, as well as Maven 3.x. Maven will download the rest of the dependencies.

DiabloMiner uses launch4j to build Windows binaries. launch4j requires and partially includes a build chain for Win32. launch4j cannot be ran on any 64-bit only version of OSX (10.6 and up) and is difficult to run on Windows.

DiabloMiner's git repo does not contian binaries, so if you want to build DiabloMiner from source, heed the above warning and run mvn package.

How to use

Single pool and solo mining

./ -u username -p password -o host -r port


./ -l http://username:password@host:port

For solo mining, your host is localhost your port is 8332, and your username and password is what you set in your bitcoind's bitcoin.conf. See bitcoin documentation for further information on how to enable the RPC API.

Multiple pools

./ -u username1,username2 -p password1,password2 -o host1,host2 -r port1,port2

DiabloMiner supports unlimited pools and will switch to the next pool on connection failure and return to the first pool every 60 minutes.


MacOSX on any hardware

It is recommended you use the default settings, see also the MacOSX warning above.

Nvidia hardware on any OS

It is recommended you use the default settings, however if your desktop is lagging badly try adding -f 120, -f 180, or -f 240.

Intel hardware on any OS

DiabloMiner has not been tested on Intel GPUs. Default is most likely correct.

AMD Radeon VLIW4


  • Radeon discrete: 43xx, 45xx, 46xx, 47xx, 48xx
  • Radeon mobile: 43xxM, 45xxM, 46xxM, 48xxM, 5xxV, 51xxM
  • FirePro: V3750, V7750, V8700, V8750, 2450, RG220
  • FirePro mobile: M7740
  • FireStream: 9250, 9270

-v 2

AMD Radeon VLIW5

Cedar, Redwood, Juniper, Cypress, Hemlock

  • Radeon discrete: 54xx, 55xx, 56xx, 57xx, 58xx, 59xx, 63xx, 6750, 6770, 73xx
  • Radeon mobile: 54xxM, 56xxM, 57xxM, 58xxM, 63xxM, 65xxM, 68xxM,
  • FirePro: V3800, V4800, V5800, V7800, V8800, V9800, 2270, 2460
  • FirePro mobile: M5800, M7820
  • FireStream: 9350, 9370

On some cards -v 2,1 is faster, on others -v 2. Try both.

AMD Radeon VLIW5 Gen2

Caicos, Turks, Barts, Wrestler, Ontario, Zacate, WinterPark, BeaverCreek

  • Radeon discrete: 64xx, 65xx, 66xx, 6790, 68xx, 74xx, 75xx, 76xx
  • Radeon mobile: 64xxM, 66xxM, 67xxM, 69xxM, 74xxM, 75xxM, 76xxM
  • Radeon mobile IGP: 63xxG, 64xxG, 65xxG, 66xxG
  • Fusion APU: 62xx, 63xx, 64xxD, 65xxD, 74xxD, 75xxD, 76xxD
  • FirePro: V3900, V4900
  • FirePro mobile: M5950, M8900, M2000

Use -v 2

AMD Radeon VLIW4

Cayman, Antilles, Devastator

  • Radeon discrete: 69xx
  • Radeon mobile: 64xxM, 66xxM, 67xxM
  • Fusion APU: 74xxD
  • FirePro: V5900, V7900

Use -v 2

AMD Radeon GCN

Cape Verde, Pitcairn, Tahiti, New Zealand, Malta, Bonaire

  • Radeon discrete: 77xx, 78xx, 79xx
  • Radeon mobile: 77xxM, 78xxM, 79xxM
  • FirePro: W600, W5000, W7000, W8000, W9000, S7000, S9000, S10000, R5000
  • FirePro mobile: M4000, M6000
  • Sky: 500, 700, 900

Use defaults.

Command line arugments

  • -u, -p, -o, -r Username, password, host, port
  • -l Fully fledged URL, ex: http://username:password@host:port/
  • -x Proxy, ex: host:port<:username:password>
  • -d Debug output
  • -D Use specific devices. Default is all.
  • -f FPS, controls how many kernel executions a second happen, default is 30
  • -w Controls OpenCL workgroup size, default is hardware detected maximum
  • -v: Change manual SIMD parallel alignment.
  • -v 1: The same as off/single hash, and is the default (uint)
  • -v 2 through 16: Tries more than one hash via SIMD (uint2 through uint16)
  • -v 1,1, etc: Non-SIMD interleaving on top of SIMD, faster on a very small minority of hardware (-v 2,1 is faster than -v 2 on some Radeon VLIW5)