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collection of files to aid with boot loader reversing
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Collection of files to aid with boot loader reversing
Files will be added as needed, feel free to contribute
The reference section contains multiple useful references

overview files

  • dap-main.c
  • dap-struct.h
  • dot_gdbinit

using the files

The dot_gdbinit file should be used as your .~/gdbinit file and it contains some commands to set the a hardware breakpoint, the architecture and load the DAP structure definition. It is assumed that when you start gdb this will be the working directory.

The header and C file are used as a trick to load the definition of the DAP structure into GDB. Used by dot_gdbinit. They can be compiled with:

gcc -g -c dap-main.c dap-struct.h
Helper functions for gdb written in python with some useful commands, must be sourced from within gdb with:


  • brm-ci <mnemonic>
    • run application until it encounters the specified mnemonic brm-ci int
  • brm-pexi
    • parses, executes and displays interrupt calls
  • brm-disassemble [count]
    • disassembles (count=10 by default) and takes address segments into account brm-disassemble 20
Wraps calls to a target directory and the files within with fuse. Can be used to print read and write calls.

python target mountpoint
Creates an 'image' of a disk by storing only the read sectors, is also able to emulate boot process.
It defaults to 'imaging' mode when --emulate is not given.

Imaging mode:
python ~/disk-images/ mountpoint/

Emulation mode:
python --emulate ~/disk-images/ mountpoint/


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