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Jenkins plugin for pipeline visualisation, perfect for Continuous Delivery
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Delivery Pipeline Plugin

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For info see the Delivery Pipeline Plugin - Wiki

Issue tracker for bugs, improvements and new features, please report any issues on component delivery-pipeline-plugin

Contributed by Diabol AB


mvn install

Run locally

mvn hpi:run

Run function tests

mvn integration-test

Build and run the Delivery Pipeline plugin in a Docker container

mvn install
docker build -t dpp .
docker run -p 8080:8080 dpp

Run Jenkins with the latest released Delivery Pipeline plugin in a Docker container

docker run -dt -p 8080:8080 diabol/delivery-pipeline-plugin:0.9.5

If you run on Mac and use boot2docker, enable port forwarding between your host and boot2docker VM:

VBoxManage controlvm boot2docker-vm natpf1 8080,tcp,,8080,,8080

Configuring manually triggered jobs

Note: This requires the Build Pipeline plugin to be installed.

To be able to configure a certain job in the pipeline as a manual step, you have to configure the upstream job that triggers the job which is to be performed manually to be marked as a manual step.

In the Jenkins UI this shows up as a Post-Build Action: Build other projects (manual step), where you configure the name of the job to be manually triggered in the "Downstream Project Names".

If you're creating your jobs with JobDSL, use the following syntax in the publishers section (parameters is optional):

publishers {
    buildPipelineTrigger('name-of-the-manually-triggered-job') {
        parameters {

In your pipeline configuration, make sure to enable manual triggers. The manual triggers (a play button) will not be shown in the UI for aggregate pipelines, only for pipeline instances. If you want to access manual triggers from the UI, make sure to show at least one pipeline instance.

Here is an example of a corresponding JobDSL pipeline view configuration:

deliveryPipelineView("my-pipeline") {
    description("Delivery pipeline with a manual trigger")
    pipelines {
        component("My pipeline", "the-name-of-the-first-job-in-the-pipeline")

For Jenkins Job Builder job configuration examples, see: demo.yaml

For JobDSL job configuration examples, see: demo.groovy

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