A simple repo for getting Docker to work with Wordpress. If you are running on Mac OSX and are having trouble finding something that "just works", this is the repo for you.
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Docker MAC OSX Wordpress Quickstart

  1. Launch Docker Quickstart Terminal. Note the IP address given to you. Edit your hosts file with sudo nano /etc/hosts. Add this to the bottom of your hosts file:

    <ipaddressfromdockerwithoutbrackets> mywordpresssite.dev

  2. Navigate to folder (Must be under /Users/ due to boot2docker for Mac restrictions) and run docker-compose up

  3. Visit http://mywordpresssite.dev:8081 and login to phpMyAdmin as root/root. Note the IP address at the top for Server. (e.g. Server: Copy resources/wp-config-starter.php to wordpress/wp-config.php. Edit wordpress/wp-config.php and set your DB_HOST to that IP.

    define('DB_HOST', '')

  4. Visit http://mywordpresssite.dev:8080. Wordpress is already installed and working.

-How do I get the latest backup? Run the WP Migrate DB tool on the Dev server. Use the Docker profile. Import this into phpMyAdmin, or replace resources/mysql/wordpress-starter.sql, stop your docker container, then run docker-compose up.

-How do I delete all my docker instances and start with a fresh copy?

  1. docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) && docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
  2. docker-compose up